How can we help you?

White Knight Recruitment is an independent recruitment business based in Winchester. We are an REC audited company and have been providing a range of professionals to public sector organisations since 1989.
Government Procurement Service Supplier


White Knight aims to provide a genuine, personal service that matches your skills and experience to the requirements of our clients:

  • A face to face interview with an experienced consultant
  • CV and interview evaluation
  • Genuine, honest advice
  • Match you to the right position


White Knight has built many long-term working relationships with businesses in Hampshire and is also on the prestigious Government Procurement Service Framework; supplying quality office staff to the NHS:

  • Over 24 years experience and knowledge
  • Careful matching of candidates by understanding your requirements

Corinne Strickett (Candidate)

“The staff at White Knight have always been personable and genuine.  They match the person to the position with great skill and are open and adaptable in their approach.  They are always forthcoming with work and I have to say they are the most reliable and friendly agency I have worked for – and I have worked for a number over the years!”